Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapters for Micro Four Thirds cameras ver II (M43 / MFT)


Below conversions are available

Canon EF – M43
Nikon G – M43
Canon FD – M43 (NEW)
Minolta MD – M43 (NEW)
M42 – M43 (NEW)

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The new Nikon G – M43 version will have an integrated aperture control ring.

The Micro Four Thirds Camera Lens Turbo Adapter from Mitakon allows lenses to be mounted to Micro Four Thirds format cameras, increasing the angle of view by 0.726x and the maximum aperture of the lens by 1 f-stop.

The four optical elements of the Lens Turbo adapter condense light from the full frame lens and project it onto the camera’s sensor allowing the sensor to capture all of the transmitted light, negating the crop factor and effectively producing full-frame coverage on non-full-frame sensors. A corresponding increase in the maximum aperture of 1 f-stop makes the lens more effective in low-light situations.

This adapter features 4 optical elements including one extra-low dispersion (ED) element which reduces aberrations for better delineated images. The adapter offers a sturdy metal construction and stainless steel mounts, it attaches to both camera and lens with little play and includes a front and rear protective cap. The Lens Turbo is a manual adapter offering no electronic communication between lens and camera.

The New Nikon version features a silver aperture ring which is able to control the aperture of Nikon G lenses through the adapter.

  • Allows lens to be mounted to Micro Four Thirds camera
  • Increases the angle of view by 0.726
  • Increases maximum aperture by 1 stop
  • 4 lens elements in 4 groups including 1 extra-low dispersion element

This lens turbo adaptor may not fit all lenses due to different extensions at the lens rear mount. Lenses with extension more than 3mm are not recommended to use this lens turbo adaptor.

Vignetting may occur if using APS-C lenses. We do not accept return due to the incompatibility with your lenses.


  1. Boris Chykulay

    Which one for BMPCC?

    • admin

      These can all be used for BMPCC (M43 mount).

  2. Najib

    Is this the 2nd genertaion of adopter ?(turbo 2) or the old one , i have gh4 with cp2 cine lense does it fit? Thx

    • admin

      There is only 1 generation for M43 turbo adaptors. I can fit with GH4 with CP2 cine lens.

  3. Riccardo

    Does Nikon AI means that it can support Nikon AI-S as well?

    • admin

      Hi Riccardo,

      Nikon AI-S lens can fit our adaptor but please note that this is a manual adaptor with no electronics. Thanks

  4. Stirbu Ion

    i have one question, i heard this adaptor have a problem with a blue spot when you shot on sunlights ? or light from lamp.

    • admin

      Its the first time we heard about this issue. Share me some photos if you have. I will ask my engineers to take a look at it. Thanks!

  5. paul

    How can you control the aperture of an Ef lens mounted on the M43 adaptor for BMPCC ? does it stay closed on f/22 all the time?

  6. paul

    because Canon EF photo lenses don’t have aperture ring.

    • admin

      It should stay wide-open instead.

  7. King Catoy

    I would like to use this with my contax zeiss lenses but unfortunately you don’t have a mount for it. If i will use a contax to eos adapter ring then connect it to your to turbo lens adapter, will i have problems focusing in infinity? If indeed I’ll have problems, does your adapter have an adjustment screw in its rear to resolve this?

    • admin

      It should be fine as long as your adapter allows you to focus to infinity.

  8. lukas

    Do you plan to release M42 (lens) – M43 (camera) version? Let me know please. Thanks

  9. Silvio

    Do you plan to release Minolta MD (lens) – M43 (camera) version? Let me know please. Thanks

    • admin

      We hope to have it ready in 2015 Thanks.

  10. Robbie

    Will make one for OM mount in the future?

    • admin

      We hope to have it ready in 2015 Thanks.

  11. Daniel

    If you can do one for Sony/Minolta A mount to MFT I would be seriously happy.. I have lots of Minolta A mount glass!

    • admin

      Currently we have no plans to make MA-MFT. If we have a change in plan, will let you know. Thanks!

  12. Henrik

    Do you have any plans on a Canon FD —-> MFT adapter?

    • admin

      Hi Sir,

      Sorry that we do not have it at this moment.

  13. Elliot

    Will this work with Nikkor 50mm 1.8D? Thanks

    • admin

      Yes it works. Thanks!

  14. HARRY

    Does it work with 24/70 canon lens on GH4?

    • admin

      Hi Harry,

      Yes it works.

  15. Verdi

    You guyz done a good job on EF-MFT mount. I bought one, It is superb and nice price too. But the dealer where i live say that you stop producing EF-MFT mount with aperture ring. Is this true? ANd why? Do you have plan on version 2 maybe?

    • admin

      Where do you buy from? We haven’t produced any lens turbo adapters with aperture ring in the past but we are studying it at this moment.

  16. Phil

    Is there a version II coming up for this adapter? If yes, can we pre-order? Please advise.

    • admin

      It will be ready to launch soon in mid 2015.

  17. Phil

    Are you guys planning to have an adapter specifically for the BlackMagic Pocket Camera?

  18. Josh Spads

    I was going to purchase this, but seen that the version 2 will be out shortly. Any chance we can get an approx. month?

    • admin

      We target to launch by mid/late 2015. THanks.

  19. Ali

    What exactly does 0.726 increase in field of view mean? what focal length and aperture equivalent would a 50mm f1.4 canon lens be on a 4/3 system using this adapter?

    • admin

      Normally the lens will become 100mm if you use in M43 system. With our lens turbo adaptors, it will become a 72mm lens with f/1.2 maximum aperture if you used in a M43 system.

  20. mitakon i or zhongy ii Where is m43?

    @admin so planning the release mid 2015 is for m4/3 version II…!!! I know from above there’s only 1 version for m43, but does this mean the SAME or BETTER, at least on optical-performance fronts, optical Quality such as the “Zhongyi Turbo lens II for NEX” but now Mitakon II III etc. and/or Zhongyi II III IV etc. for m4/3 ???
    and no blue spot at all as Zhongyi II also form 4/3 ???

    • admin

      Version 2 is going to be released by late 2015. Optical performance will be better for version 2

  21. Robbie

    Hello admin, is there more information about the OM to M43 adapter?

    • admin

      Sorry that we currently no plans for OM to M43. Thanks.

  22. Jallie

    Will this turbo adapter fit this lens: Canon FD 50mm 1:1.4 nr.1347891
    I hope it will…

    • admin

      Sorry that we have not tested with this lens.

  23. nick

    does this have iris control built in?

    • admin

      Sorry that there is no Iris control.

  24. fabien

    Hello can i mount an canon EF-S Lens with your adaptor ?

    • admin

      We do not recommend to use with EF-S lenses as the rear mount of the lens protrudes. It may block the elements of the adaptors.

  25. claudio cardoso

    Minolta MD to M4/3. Please, please, no one else is making it. Thanks and have a good year

    • admin

      Thanks and we will consider it.

  26. Ryan Butt

    i just bough “Canon – EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM Lens” for my Panasonic GH4. Will this adapter allow me to control its Aperture or Not?

    • admin

      Sorry that we do not have aperture control for our lens turbo adaptor

  27. Spencer

    Hello, are you able to give us a release date yet for the version 2 ef-mft? I know you said it’s coming mid 2015, I ordered my first Rokinon and am going to pick up a GH4 very soon so I’d really like to know if I should wait a little longer. Also, I’m seeing talk of a built in aperture ring? That would solve most canon lens users’ problems. Thanks.

  28. alwin

    will this adapter with the nikon g lens? is there any way of controlling the aperture size?

    • admin

      Sorry that we currently did not have iris control on the lens turbo

  29. Carlos

    Any updates about the version II release date?

    • admin

      Tentatively late 2015

  30. Mazen

    Hi Admin,

    I saw your response above for Ali about the 50mm F1.4 Canon lens angle of view:
    “Normally the lens will become 100mm if you use in M43 system. With our lens turbo adaptors, it will become a 72mm lens with f/1.2 maximum aperture if you used in a M43 system.”

    But the description for the Turbo adaptor says “The four optical elements of the Lens Turbo adapter condense light from the full frame lens and project it onto the camera’s sensor allowing the sensor to capture all of the transmitted light, negating the crop factor and effectively producing full-frame coverage on non-full-frame sensors”

    M43 has crop factor of 2, doesn’t that mean the Turbo adapter should increase angle of view by 0.5 instead of 0.726 so we can get crop factor of 1 (no cropping) ?

    • admin

      Hi Sir,
      The magnification ratio of the lens turbo adaptors are controlled by the glasses inside. Currently the best we can do is 0.726x. No matter which system you used in it, its still 0.726x.

  31. David

    HI. Do you have plans to release an fd to mft version of this adapter? It just seems to make more sense than an ef to mft variant, as you cannot control the aperture with it.


    • admin

      Hi David,
      Its not in our plan for this year. We will take a look at it next year. Thanks!

  32. Arash

    I have GH4 and panasonic lens 14-42mm ,, is my lens compatible with this ?

  33. marco

    hello. precisely when it will be released the new version 2 of the adapter mtf to fd?

    • admin

      Tentatively the end of the year.

  34. Billy

    I saw two different color Ai-m43 adapter. one is red, and the other is white in Zhongyi mark. Is white version newer(version2)?

    • admin

      Hi Billy, We have changed to a new embossing machine and so there are 2 mark versions in the market. They are basically the same

  35. Ferko

    Hey, how long is the shipping to Germany with express? Thanks!

    • admin

      Around 3- 5 days.

  36. Josh

    Hi, I am thinking about selling my speedbooster for one of these, just to clarify this adapter doesn’t have an aperture ring? and if thats the case how would one adjust the aperture on a lens without an aperture ring also

    • admin

      Hi Josh,

      You will need to adjust the aperture by adjusting the aperture ring on the lens. THanks.

  37. WSP

    Nikon 24mm ais has a very long protrusion. It is compatible?

    • admin

      Sorry that any protrusion more than 3mm may not work with the lens turbo adaptors.

  38. asay

    Would this work with olympus em 1?

    • admin

      Yes it works with EM-1

  39. Caronte

    I ordered a Nikon2Mft some days ago, but today the order was canceled and the money refundl. There is no more converter in Stock?

    • admin

      Yes. Sorry that the AI-M43 is now out of stock.

  40. Fernando

    Would this work with olympus em 5 mark ii?

    • admin

      Yes it works.

  41. EM

    can i mount a second adapter on the top? i would like also to adapt my old nikon lenses with a nikon to eos on the top of the mitakon.. thanks

    • admin

      It should be fine as long as the rear mount protrusion is less than 3mm

  42. Syed Mustafa Sabir

    Hello, can i use Sigma 18 35 1.8 lens EF mount with Turbo Lens and GH4?
    (Sigma got electronically controlled aperture )

  43. Mark

    When will be launched the second versión of the EF-MFT turbo adapter and what’s new in the mark2?

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Very soon by the end of the year!

  44. Ray

    It would help a great deal if you could post a table of the different cameras it will work with, and potentially the lenses for Olympus, Nikon and Canon that are compatible.

  45. Ray

    Will this work with Olympus EM-10 (Mark 1) and the Olympus M.ZUIKO 12 mm f2.0 lens? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Ray, It will work with EM-10 but this lens turbo are for Canon/Nikon lenses instead

  46. Attila

    Hi, If I use this adapter with my EF lens at the widest aperture, will my camera (Panasonic G3) control the exposure by adjusting the ISO and the shutter speed?

    • admin

      Hi Attila, Yes. You camera body can still do the metering and adjust the ISO and SHUTTER.

  47. Gagi

    Dear, do you have this product placed on the Panasonic GH4?

    • admin

      Hi Sir,

      See below image.
      25/0.95 with GH4

  48. Gagi

    I want to use the Panasonic GH4 lenses from Canon full frame

  49. Nikola

    Can I use this adapter for my Panasonic GH4, to adapt my Canon full frame lens? If autofocus work whit this adapter? than you 🙂

    • admin

      Yes It can work with GH4 and Canon full frame lens. Sorry only manual focus can work.

  50. Gagi

    whether Zhongyi Turbo Lens Adapter for Micro Four Thirds cameras M43 / MFT can also be used in Panasonic GH4 ?

    • admin

      Yes. It can be used with GH4.

  51. Mark

    The pre-order for the CANON EF to M43 Adapter is open but Can anybody tell me new features or differences between V1 and V2? And please, not only an “improved performance” or similar… And Is Zhongyi better than RJ Lens Adapter??

    Thank you in advance.

    • admin

      Hi Mark, The feature of V1 and V2 is the same. The key difference is that the optical performance is much better for V2 compared to V1.

  52. Ande

    I just scrolled fast through the comments so sorry if the question will repeat itself. Does the V2 EF-MFT have an aperture ring? Thanks!

    • admin

      Hi Andre, Only the Nikon one will have an aperture ring

  53. Marco Barbaro

    Hi, Do You know if I can mount a Pentax Lens on it, with a PentaxPK/CanonEF adapter ring?
    The Metabones SpeedBooster is too tight around the lens elements. I’m looking into your product as it do not have contacts.
    Thank You.

  54. Gagi

    Tapes-lens full frame (35mm) and Turbo Lens Adapters vr. II aperture increases by one degree. Does the format 60mm lens (pentacon six) with Turbo Lens Adapters ver. II increases the aperture and more than one degree?

  55. alex

    Is The version II of the Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapter for Canon EF have feature an integrated aperture control ring? Or only for Nikon version?

    • admin

      Only the Nikon verison has it.

  56. Ande

    Thanks for the answer. So basically I can mount any lenses with Nikon mount on my BMPCC and have control over the aperture, right?(Tokina for ex) What is different with the EF lenses that doesn’t allow you to manually adjust the aperture?

  57. Sergi Boix

    Hi, I have a Nikon 14-24mm f2.8G and I am very interested on this adaptor and my question is about tripod mount.

    Has this adaptor a tripod mount “hole”? the 14-24mm is a heavy lens and if I mount this adaptor with 14-24 and in a M4/3 camera maybe the mount collapse…

    thanks in advance.

  58. Satya

    When is Nikon – M43 Vers II shipping out? The website says early November. thanks

    • admin

      Shipping has started and will finish shipping all the preorders by next week

  59. axel

    Hi, so, no problem with Nikon G mount, i’ll be able to control the aperture manually without problems right ?
    Thank you

    • admin

      Yes. You can control the aperture by using the aperture ring on the adapter.

  60. zaru

    Does the Nikon to Micro 4/3 version ii, also support manual lenses? When should we expect our orders to be shipped? Thanks!

    • admin

      Yes. It support manual lens. Orders will be shipped in around 10 days.

  61. Rana

    how can i change aperture when using canon ef ( 50mm f1.8) lens on GH4 , with this adaptor ?

    • admin

      Sorry that you will have to use wide open with this adapter.

  62. Xeboti

    Hi, I have couple of lenses from my old Canon 7D and want to use them with Lumix G7. I have Canon EF 50mm, f/1.8 II , Tokina 11-16mm DX/1.6x/APS Ultrawide and Tamron 17-50mm. Would Lens Turbo II (Canon EF-M43 v2) work with these three lenses? I primarily want to use it for video recording, less for taking photos. I’d appreciate if someone could answer sooner rather than later, because I want to order Lens Turbo II as soon as possible… like now 🙂 Thanks in advance.

    • admin

      Hi Sir, I am sorry that we do not have the mentioned lenses. However, any lens with rear protrusion beyond 3mm is not recommended to use the lens turbo adapter.

  63. Xeboti

    Hi admin! Thanks for your answer. I am little confused… are you saying this Lens Turbo II won’t work with my lenses? Any of those three, not even Canon 50 mm F1.8 or Tamron 17-50mm? I really like how they look like on my Canon 7D, but now I’d like to use them with my G7. Again, my question is would Lens Turbo II work fine with lenses I have from my APS-C kamera? Thanks!

  64. Marc

    canon fd -> mft
    m42 -> mft

    • admin

      We currently have no plans for the above mentioned conversion. Thakns.

  65. william

    hi from france.before purchasing this new adapter i would like you to answers these questions : can i use with nikon 24mm 2.8 ais and infinity focus is it reliable with this optic ?
    is there a limited rear protrusion compatibility
    Does it run directly with olympus omd-em1 ?
    thanks best regards

    • admin

      Hi William, We have not tried your lens but any lens with rear protrusion more than 3mm is not recommended to use with focal reducer. Yes it is compatible with EM-1.

  66. Meeya

    Hi. I am seriously thinking of ordering this focal reducer (Nikon to MFT). I just need to know if these lenses work with it: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX, Nikon 50mm f/1.8D (for DX or full frame cameras), Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 with confirmation chip (UMC), and Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 withOUT confirmation chip *(functions as a non-CPU lens). Thanks !

    • admin

      Hi Meeya,
      Lenses with rear protrusion beyond 3mm is not recommended to use the lens. Other than that, it should be fine. But there will be vignetting using DX lens

  67. Rana

    can you ship to pakistan also i want to purchase EF-M43 adaptor ?

  68. Tsunami

    Nikon G to MFT, 0,7x or 0.5? Thanks!

    • admin


  69. Bart

    will the nikon version work with the sigma 18-35 f1,8 on my gh4? will the aperture ring work properly on the lens?

    • admin

      Lenses with rear protrusion beyond 3mm is not recommended to use the lens. Other than that, it should be fine

  70. Rana

    kindly reply
    can you ship to pakistan also i want to purchase EF-M43 adaptor ?

    • admin

      Hi Rana,

      Yes we can ship to Pakistan.

  71. Dominic

    Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapters for Micro Four Thirds cameras ver II (M43 / MFT)

    Version: NIKON G – MFT
    ” The new Nikon – M43 lens turbo adapter will feature an integrated aperture control ring ”

    – When ??
    – How much it cost ??
    – It’s posible to pre-order it ??

    • admin

      HI Sir, It has already been released. You may place the order and we will ship immediately. The price is USD 149

  72. Stevie

    I am looking to order this. Will the lens turbo adapter fit a sigma 35mm 1.4 lens with canon mount? I have tried measuring the rear protrusion and am not sure if it is under 3mm. Thank you

    • admin

      It should work

  73. Joe

    Hi. Have you got any info about the Lens Turbo II for Canon FD to MFT(m43)? Is it available yet? Another question. Do you think it’s possible to use the EOS version with a ring adapter for FD lenses? I would like to use the with my Lumix G7. Thanks

  74. Reynold

    Hi. does the canon version work on a Panasonic G7?

    • admin

      Yes it works.

  75. erwin

    Would this work with Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II ?

    • admin

      Yes it works with EM5 Mark 2.

  76. James Wages

    Another request for a Minolta A mount adapter. I have many lenses (Minolta and Tokina) with the A mount that I once used with my Minolta 707si film camera, purchased in Japan. I’d love to put those lenses back in action with my u4/3 LUMIX GX-7. Please make plans to offer such an adapter. Consider well that Sony also uses this mount. It would be popular enough to warrant development. Thanks.

  77. Jerry

    Does the second version of EF adapter works with E-M1? Is the blue spot problem gone with this version?

    • admin

      Yes. It works and the blue spot problem is gone.

  78. Emilio


    Cane you please confirm that you are ready to ship the new M4/3 to NIKON G lens turbo 2 with aperture control ring? Is this the only shop where I can order this?
    That you

    • admin

      HI Emilio, Yes it is ready to ship. You can also order it via our authorized resellers.

  79. Walter

    Hello. I have the Blackmagic pocket and a few old M42 russian lenses. Do you have a focal reducer for that? Allows infinite focus? Increases a lot the contrast or sharpness of those lenses? (I want to preserve that soft vintage look). Any issues maybe? Thanks.

    • admin

      Yes we currently just released the M42-M43 lens turbo adapters. In most of the case, the optical performance is not affected.

  80. tim

    Hi, I am very pleased with your lens turbo but i was wondering, will there be a 0.64x or even a 0.58x version coming out anytime soon?

    • admin

      Sorry this is all we have currently.

  81. Emilio

    Hi admin,
    I have never received a trucking number for my orders #1954, could you send me some info?

    Thank you


  82. Sean

    Hi, I just want to know if the EF to micro 4/3 adaptor would work with any EF lense or does it have to be manual focus only?

    • admin

      It works with EF lens and it is a manual adapter.

  83. Ville

    Is the M43 – MD model compatible with Minolta 35-70 zoom lens? I know that other brand adapter has problems with that specific lens.

    • admin

      If the lens has a rear protrusion longer than 3mm, then its not going to work.

  84. Tim

    Does Canon to MFT adapter have a aperture/iris control? Or the EF lenses will stay at maximum aperture all the time?
    What about Nikon to MFT? I’m thinking to adapt Tokina 11-16 to my MFT camera, and I want to pick an option that will allow me to control aperture on the lens (I can get either Canon or Nikon version of the lens).

    • admin

      Our Nikon to M43 lens turbo will have a aperture ring and lever to use with Nikon G lens.

  85. Mi_ka

    (Just verifying): Is the Nikon G – M43 model also compatible with Nikon F lenses?

    • admin

      Yes. It is compatible with Nikon F lenses too.

  86. Randy Smith

    Will you ever be coming out with a m39 Leica to Micro four thirds adapter?

    • admin

      Sorry we do not have such plans

  87. daffy

    Which shipping method exactly do you use? (e.g. China Post Registered Airmail, DHL Express Worldwide, DHL Economy Select, Fedex?)

    Shipping methods have significant impact on handling charges for the recipient – at least USD 50 on top of any customs fees and value-added tax in the case DHL Express Worldwide, for instance.

    • admin

      We ship via Hong Kong Post.

  88. Tim

    Will the Canon EF to M43 adapter work with a Samyang/Rokinon EF-S lens?

  89. Randy Smith

    What is your shipping time for the Canon FD – M43 (NEW)?
    I ordered one from B&H in New York back on Feb 22nd, and it’s still on back order. 🙁
    Would it be faster to cancel that order and order it directly from you?

    • admin

      You should get it soon.

  90. Randy Smith

    See your making the M42 – M43 (NEW).
    Crossing my fingers and will certainly purchase a M39 – M43 when you come out with one.

  91. musa

    what is the maximum apperture adapter can have?for example f1.8 will be?

    • admin

      There is no max. aperture.

  92. Howard

    Any plans for a Yashica/Contax – M43 adapter?

    • admin

      Sorry that we do not have this plan yet

  93. Matti Nikkari

    Are you planning to release Pentax K to M43 adapter?

    • admin

      Sorry that we currently have no plans for PK-M43..

  94. Simon Misera

    Hi is the Focal Reducer Speed Booster Adapter M42 mount lens to Micro 4/3 compatible with the new Olympus Pen-F?

    • admin

      Yes it is compatible with the new Pen-F

  95. musa

    would nikon g adapter work with passive mft mount from BMCC? moutn has no power all I need is manual apperture and speedbooster.

  96. Franck Duquesne

    I now control the Nikon adapter to M43 (Olympus OMD ) is that the adapter will have the integrated aperture ring or he must wait the next release .
    thank you in advance

    • admin

      The new AI-M43 lens turbo adapter already has the aperture coupling ring which can toggle the aperture of Nikon G lenses.

  97. PULAK


    • admin

      Yes. it can

  98. rana

    In tele transfer payment method first i have to place an order on your website or first i have to transfer payment and then order ? Kindly reply soon. Thanks

  99. rana

    Kindly reply
    Kindly tell me the comlete procedure of tele transfer paynent method.

  100. Damian

    When the new The new Nikon G – M43 version will be available? This one with aperture control ring

    • admin

      The one we are shipping now is already the one with aperture control ring. Thanks.

  101. Adam

    I just ordered the Nikon G to MFT, I have read it is not compatible with BMPCC, is this true?

    • admin

      It is compatible with BMPCC.

  102. Jose

    I would like to order a “Mitakon 25mm f/0.95”, but I´m not very sure if it will work properly with my new “M4/3 Lumix G7”.
    Together with the “Mitakon” I would also like to order a “Lens Turbo Adapter EF to M4/3” to make use of my old full frame Canon lenses.
    Which exact model of “Turbo Adapter” do I need to connect properly my “G7” with “Canon EF” lenses?

    • admin

      Yes it fits with Lumix G7. You can buy the EF-M43 lens turbo adapter for your G7. Thanks!

  103. Adam Zálešák

    Dear seller, if I use Canon FD 50mm f1.4 on my Lumix G7, it will be 100mm (crop factor 2x). How much mm will it be with this adapter?

    • admin


  104. aloysius

    can i use canon FD lens on adapter?

    • admin

      Yes you can

  105. Nathan

    Does your Nikon G – M43 adapter support D-Type NIKKOR Lenses?

    • admin

      Yes it does.

  106. Alexander

    I am interested in getting the Mitakon Speedmaster 35mm f0.95 and using it on my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. Will the EF-M model fit on this mount?

    • admin

      I think BMPCC is a MFT mount camera but not EF-M mount. You should get our 25mm f/0.95 lens instead.

  107. NiHaoZhongYi

    Hi. Does the current version of TurboLens Nikon G to m4/3 has a aperture control ring (version 2), or not yet ? Thx

    • admin

      Yes it has the aperture control ring.

  108. Ande

    Is the Nikon G to MFT compatible with Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera? Thanks!

  109. Ali

    Will this work with the Panasonic GH5? I need it for my Nikon lenses.


    • admin

      Yes it works

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