Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapters ver II for Fuji X mount cameras (FX)


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Canon EF – Fuji X
Nikon F – Fuji X

M42 –  Fuji X

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The Fuji X Camera Lens Turbo Adapter (Ver II) from Mitakon allows lenses to be mounted to APS-C format Fuji cameras, increasing the angle of view by 0.726x and the maximum aperture of the lens by 1 f-stop.

The four optical elements of the Lens Turbo adapter condense light from the full frame lens and project it onto the camera’s sensor allowing the sensor to capture all of the transmitted light, negating the crop factor and effectively producing full-frame coverage on non-full-frame sensors. A corresponding increase in the maximum aperture of 1 f-stop makes the lens more effective in low-light situations.

This adapter features 4 optical elements including one extra-low dispersion (ED) element which reduces aberrations for better delineated images. The adapter offers a sturdy metal construction and stainless steel mounts, it attaches to both camera and lens with little play and includes a front and rear protective cap. The Lens Turbo is a manual adapter offering no electronic communication between lens and camera. It is not compatible with Blackmagic cinema cameras.

  • Allows lens to be mounted to Fuji X camera
  • Increases the angle of view by 0.726
  • Increases maximum aperture by 1 stop
  • 4 lens elements in 4 groups including 1 extra-low dispersion elemen

This lens turbo adaptor may not fit all lenses due to different extensions at the lens rear mount. Lenses with extension more than 3mm are not recommended to use this lens turbo adaptor.

Vignetting may occur if using APS-C lenses. We do not accept return due to the incompatibility with your lenses.


  1. Please, announce somwhere clearly this is an adapter from WHAT to FX.
    Leica M, Minolta, Pentax? What?

    Thank you

    • Hi Sir/Madam,

      Sorry for the technical issues on the website. We currently have Nikon AI-FX available. In the future, we will try to develop more different mountings to FX. THanks!

  2. as far as i know there was MD-FX speedbooster a year ago … it’ll be available again?
    if so … when ?? 🙂
    thank you

    • It should be available at the end of the year.

      Please stay close to our website to receive the most latest updates!

  3. will you guys be making an olympus om to fuji x version?

    • We currently do not have plans to produce OM-FX lens turbo. Sorry for that.

  4. Hi, the adapter has a tripod mount? Is there a version 2 of the MD-FX adapter in your plans? Thanks!

    • There is no tripod mount on the adaptor. MD-FX will be released by the end of this year. Stay tuned!

  5. is there a timeframe for when the EOS-FX lens turbo will come out?

    • Yes. Estimated to be late 2014. Stay close to our website to receive the most updated news!

  6. What is the timeframe for the release of the Pentax k to Fuji FX? Thanks.

    • Target to launch in late 2014. FYI, we have just launched the EOS-FX lens turbo II.

  7. maybe it’s a stupid question, but i wonder if i can use autofocus with this adapter. i have a regular adapter for canon mount to fuji, but i cannot autofocus.

    • Hi Sir, Since this adaptor has no electronics bridge, only manual focus can be used. Thanks.

  8. Dear Sirs, canon EF lenses does not have an aperture ring, and since this adaptor has no electronic connections, how the aperture is controlled in an EF lens?

    • Hi Jose, Users will need to adjust the aperture on the aperture ring of the lens.

  9. Will there be an Canon FD to Fuji mount offered?

    • Yes. We expect to have it ready by the end of 2014.

  10. If no electronics bridge, how can this Canon EF to Fuji FX Turbo adapter control the Aperture?

    • Users will need to adjust the aperture on the aperture ring of the lens.

  11. Is this the 2nd generation of adapter ?. Turbo V2, or the old one ?
    How to differentiate with the first model? Thanks for your reply, I’m very interested. Jack.

    • Hi Jack, This is the 2nd generation. Version 2. Version 2 has a better optical performance compared to version 1. Currently we are offering ver 2 for both NEX and FX lens turbo adapters.

  12. Good morning, the Nikon AI to Fujifilm X Lens Turbo Adapter is the Version II ? Please note that under the product description “…. Fuji X Camera Lens Turbo Adapter from Mitakon allows lenses ……” there is not any reference to the Version II as in the Canon to Sony NEX adapter where the Version II statement is clearly visible. Thank you

    • Hi Antonio, we are currently offering version 2 of Lens Turbo AI-FX lens turbo adapters. We will update the product description now.

  13. Not useful for EF series lenses (other than wide open). They use electronically controlled apertures. The older FD lenses had manual (mechanical) controls.

    • Yes. You are right. Its in our coming plan to produce lens turbo adapters with electronics. Stay close to our website and facebook page for updated news!

  14. As was said earlier the Canon EF lens does not have an aperture ring. How is aperture set with this adapter? I don’t think the adapter is usable without some way to set the aperture.

    • Hi Dave, You need to use the largest aperture in this case. Thanks

  15. I recently bought the EF to Fuji Lens Turbo II last week and I got it just few days ago.. It works best for EF lenses with better glass.. If you use older lens with CA, it might work or might not work, it all depends on the lens.. For example Rokinon EF and Ziess lenses works perfect and beautiful with the adapter and it does have aperture ring. If you use very old lens on it with crappy glass, you might see small CA problem that because the glass have weak elements like M39 lenses… I will test some M42 lenses. I highly recommended getting this adapter if you have EF lenses with aperture ring like Rokinon, Samyang, Ziess ZE/ZF, and some other EF lenses. Cheers!

    • Hi Don, Thanks for your support!

  16. Do you plan to release M42-FX adapter? Or is it possible to attach M42 lens to lens turbo adapter via one more adapter (for example: Lens Turbo Nikon AI + AI to M42 adapter + M42 lens)? Let me know please.

    • M42-FX lens turbo adapter will be released this week or next week!

  17. Any plans for Nikon F/G-Mft?

    • Hi Alexis,

      We currently already had the Nikon F-M43 lens turbo adapters available. Thanks!


  18. Is this the lens turbo 2?

  19. Any update on when new adapters are coming, specifically FD-FX? Year’s end is approaching…

    • Hi Sir,

      Sorry that after discussion internally, due to the rear glass distance of the FD lens, FD-FX lens turbo adapters may not be able to be ready in 2014.

  20. Any update on the Pentax K to FX adapter? Anxiously waiting!

    • We hope to have it ready by early 2015. Thanks

  21. I purchased this one 2 weeks ago.
    And I made inquiries about shipment status.
    However, I’ve got no information on that.
    Can you tell me where can i check that in this webpage????

    • Hi Sir, The tracking number has been sent to your mail. It should be arriving very soon. Thanks!

  22. If lens turbo FD-FX is finally not available for the end of 2014. Do you have a date for 2015 ?
    Thank for you job.

    • Stay close to our website for more information!

  23. I just want to add my voice to the discussion. I’m also awaiting an FD to Fujifilm X-mount (FX) adapter. Please make an announcement as soon as they are ready. Thank you for innovating in this area to offer good quality at fair prices.

  24. Can I still get the swirly from Zeiss biotar 85 f/1.5(M42 mount) if I mount M42 to EOS and use your adapter from EOS mount to Fuji X mount ?

  25. I’m also waiting for the Canon FD – Fuji X-mount adapter.

  26. Dear Sir,
    It would be interesting to have a turbo adapter with electronics and use it with Fujinon XF lenses. Is this possible and is this in your future plans? Thank you!

  27. Well I’m still eagerly awaiting the Minolta MC/MD to FX Lens Turbo (Mark 2) that was announced to be available end of 2014. Hope it’s coming soon.

  28. Since you’ve just released the M42 adapter does that mean the Pentax adapter is not far behind since it’s exactly the same flange distance?

    • You are correct. Stay tune!

  29. Joining the above in saying I’ve been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the FD-FX Lens Turbo II…
    I see the post above about a few technical difficulties. I hope you guys can give us a pre-order or date of release!…pleasee!

  30. I’m also waiting for the Minolta MD to Fuji X adapter… I hope it is coming soon!

  31. Also, is it possible to rotate the glass element inside to adjust for infinity focus for the lens? I see some notches from the front of the lens…

    • Hi Thomas, You cannot rotate the glass element inside but by following our instructions in the manual, you should have no problem in reaching the infinity focus.

  32. Concerning the Canon EF to Fuji X-Mount adapter (with electronic coupling) you said “Yes. You are right. Its in our coming plan to produce lens turbo adapters with electronics. Stay close to our website and facebook page for updated news!”
    Would you be so kind and tell us an estimated release date? Many thanks in advance!

    • We still cannot confirm the date yet as we have so many plans going on. Once the development is succeeded, a more realistic date can be obtained. I am sure it will be later than 2015 as camera lens is still our top focus..

  33. what about Contax c/y mount?

    • Yes. Also around the same timeframe (mid-late 2015)

  34. Any update on the Minolta MD mount?

  35. Is there any update on upcoming mounts? Just out of curiosity, is there a difference between the Sony E mount (which has pretty much all the adapter options available) and Fuji x in anything but flange distance? Sensor stack is pretty much same width.

    • Yes only flange distance difference.

  36. Hi, are you planning a Sony A-mount to Fuji X-mount Lens Turbo?

  37. Is there any update on when we can expect the K-mount adapter?

  38. is there any reseller in europe?

    • May I know which products you would like to get? We currently ship to Europe.

  39. still waiting for turbo MD – FX …
    (don’t know how to reply on answer above …)

  40. Currently waiting for the FD-FX Lens turbo.
    Excited and curious.

  41. Is the Konica AR mount being considered for the future??

  42. I hope you release an MD/FX version of the ver II soon… before I can afford an A7.

  43. Bump for an MD-FX turbo! Long overdue. 🙂

  44. I really like my EF version, but I’m still hoping for the FD version.
    Any Idea when it will be available?

  45. I’m too waiting for the Minolta MD-FX adapter. And I would LOVE an Olympus OM – FX adapter too. Would but them both in a heartbeat ! There is a real market here, don’t make us wait too long 🙂

  46. Does the lens turbo II Ais-FX accept nikon D lenses? Like 85mm 1.4D and 105mm dc?

    • Yes It should work with 85mm f/1.4D.

  47. Waiting for FD mount. Please let us know approx. release date.

  48. Hi, any news on a release date for pentax k to fuji x lens turbo II? Thanks.

    • We have a bit of the parts issue and so the launch will be postponed. Once we have it sorted out, will let you know. Sorry to keep you waiting..

  49. any information regarding MD-FX ? it was announced as end of 2014 …

    • We have a bit of the parts issue and so the launch will be postponed. Once we have it sorted out, will let you know. Sorry to keep you waiting..

  50. Still no release date for MD-FX? Why is that?

    • We have a bit of the parts issue and so the launch will be postponed. Once we have it sorted out, will let you know. Sorry to keep you waiting..

  51. I’ve ordered one of these Lens Turbo adapters ver II but I didn’t receive an order confirmation. There’s no response to any of my emails either. Is anybody there?

    • Hi ALex,

      Your order was shipped via Hong Kong Post under tracking number


  52. Great! Looking forward to it!

  53. One more vote for Konica AR Mount. It’s the SLR mount with the smallest register distance so it would be the most useful.

  54. Second the request for the 2nd gen K-Mount (Pentax) to Fuji-X adaptor. Have the 1st gen K-Mount and 2 gen M42, both great products. Looking forward to improved performance from the 2nd gen K-mount. Glad you are making these products available. Any idea on date of release?

    • Pentax K – Fuji X Lens Turbo Adapters is now in the production line. Should be available really soon!

  55. Hi, another potential customer here waiting for the MD-FX turbo II adapter. Any news on when it will be available?

  56. Any plans for M mount lenses to FX mount booster?

  57. Can you specify the weight of the Fuji X Lens Turbo?

    • Around 0.3kg

  58. Can Canon Ef-S lens use with Lens Turbo II for Fuji FX?
    Please reply,I need your answer

    • It depends from lens to lens. Any lens with rear mount protrusion more than 3mm will not be able to use the adaptor. But EF-S lens tends to have a long protrusion

  59. Any news on contax c/y mount -> fuji FX mound lens turbo II?

  60. Waiting for your Canon FD – Fuji X adapter… when?

  61. Another vote for the FD>FX adapter! Let us use the Lens Turbo on our Fuji gear! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  62. Aren’t there any Minolta to Fuji Adapters availible anymore? I Can’t find any on the internet.

  63. Hi there! Is the production of minolta MD – Fuji adapter still on ? Thank you

  64. hi nikon ai to fujifilm- will this reduce image quality and will this focus to infinity, is there a minimum focus distance set for? thanks

    • Hi Jeff, It will NOT reduce the image quality and can focus to infinity.

      Lens with rear protrusion beyond 3mm is not recommended to use with lens turbo adapters.

  65. Hi, what’s the news about the Minolta MD / Fuji FX turbo, please?

  66. Where is the lens turbo minolta md – fuji ?

    • Sorry that its not available in this moment

  67. Hello! Still no Lens Turbo II for Pentax P/PK to Fuji X? Any news? I’m really hoping to be able to have one so I can use the lenses I’ve inherited from my father. Thanks! (Already bought the M42 so I can use Helios 44-2.)

  68. Hi! This might be a stupid question: Will old Nikon MF lenses work on the AI-FX Turbo adapter? For example the Nikon 50mm series E 1.8 or the Nikkor 28mm 2.8 AI-S?

    • Any lens with rear protrusion beyond 3mm are not recommend to use focal reducers.

  69. Why not Canon FD mount yet? I think it’s more versatile than EOS, because most people prefer using FD manual lens instead of EOS lens (which lack of aperture ring…).

  70. Hello, wondering on the status of the Turbo II for Pentax P/PK to Fuji X. Is there an estimated date when this will be available? Thanks,

  71. When will the Pentax K to Fuji X Lens Turbo II be available.
    Please we are wating for a full year now!

  72. we were told that md-fx would be available during end of 2014 … so is there another release date??
    thank you

  73. Hi :), is there a Canon FD to Fuji X mount? 🙂

    • Hi Sir, Sorry that we have received some challenges in the development of Canon FD-Fuji X mount and the project has now been put on hold.

  74. –Quoe:
    –Will there be an Canon FD to Fuji mount offered?
    — admin – November 10, 2014:
    — Yes. We expect to have it ready by the end of 2014.

    Will there be an FD-FX adapter in future?

    • Hi Sir,

      I am sorry to let you know we have faced some challenges in the development of FD-FX adapter and so the project is now put on hold.

  75. On the Nikon AI-FX Lens Turbo II Adapter, is there an aperture control on the adapter so that I can use Nikon G lenses ?

  76. Thanks for your answer and I really like your products. I just want to make sure I can use the Nikon AI-FX Lens Turbo adapter with Nikon G lenses because Nikon G lens does not have aperture ring on the lens. Does the AI-FX adapter has the silver aperture ring on the adapter ? I don’t see the aperture ring in your picture of the adapter in your website.

    • Sorry that AI-FX does not have the aperture ring on it yet. Thanks.

  77. Hi Bought this Lens Turbo II.
    I have problem with Lens Turbo II & Tomioka Auto Revuenon 55mm f1.4. The Lens Can’t focus Infinity. After checking I found out that The rear lens is hitting the Lens Turbo.
    Please HELP

    • Hi Andy,
      It is because the lens has a rear protrusion more than 3mm that the lens comes in contact with the lens turbo. In this regard, this lens may not work with focal reducers. thanks.

  78. hello ,
    is Lens Turbo adapter compatible with this lens ?
    Nikon 50mm f/1.8 D
    thanks. 🙂

    • Lenses with rear protrusion beyond 3mm is not recommended to use the lens. Other than that, it should be fine

  79. Hi there, is the Minolta MD – Fuji X lens turbo still in the works, or has it been postponed indefinitely?

    • Sorry that it has been postponed indefinitely. Will let you know once its become active again.

  80. Hi there, two questions: Firstly does it infinity focus with all lenses? Secondly will it fit with the Nikkor 24mm 2.8 Ai?

    • It can reach infinity focus. We have not tested with this lens but any lens with rear protrusion beyond 3mm are not usable.

  81. Hi! When will the COntax/Yashica to Fuji X adapter be ready? I am looking forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Pablo

    • We do not have plans for CY-FX. Thanks.

  82. Any updates about the FX-PK adapter?

    The last coment by admin – July 13, 2015:
    “Pentax K – Fuji X Lens Turbo Adapters is now in the production line. Should be available really soon!”

    Has it been cancelled?

    • Hi Sir,

      For some reasons, we have postponed the production of this PK-FX adapter. Will keep you updated if there is any news.

  83. Hello,could you please write somewhere the dimensions of the adapters?

  84. Hi sir.
    A Lens Turbo adapter from EF to EF-S exist ?
    I am very interested and purchase this product.
    Thanks kyusu.

    • Sorry no such product can be made.

  85. Is the Canon FD LT coming?

  86. Hi there,

    Just received Nikon G-FX Turbo 2 instead of Nikon AI Turbo 2 for Fuji. Will AI lenses work on G adaptor?

    • Yes it works. But it will serve as the function of F mount.

  87. “Yes it works. But it will serve as the function of F mount.”
    Sorry didn’t really understand this. I know it is F mount. I’m just wondering are there any limitations regarding aperture if I use AI lens on G type adapter

    • It will work with the AI lens.

  88. Hello, for Nikon, when you choose G-FX you have the same photo than AI-FX, whithout aperture ring, like you say on November 26, 2015 “Sorry that AI-FX does not have the aperture ring on it yet”. Does G-FX has an aperture ring? If yes please change the photo that appears when choosing G-FX. thanks. Ormazd

    • The new version G-FX already had the aperture ring on the adapter.

  89. If I would like to use lens turbo for Laowa lens 60mm with Nikon mount to FX Fuji, which Nikon Mount type should I order? Nikon Al or Nikon G mount

    • Nikon G mount.

  90. will there be a Sony E-Mount to Fuji X in the furute?

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