Mitakon Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2 Lens – ‘ The Dream’


– Canon EF / Nikon F / Sony FE  / Sony A / Pentax K / Fujifilm G mounts are available.

– Stocks are available and can be shipped out in 3 days.

– Free international shipping is included.

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The Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 85mm f/1.2 is a ultra-fast portrait lens that delivers unbelievable optical performance. A maximum aperture of f/1.2 makes it extremely convenient for shooting without flash in low light conditions. Designed for the use of full frame cameras, the large aperture also provides fine control over depth of field for fascinating portrait photography. The truly circular aperture creates a shallow depth-of-field that brings attention to the subject and blurs the background, which is critical for portraits. The lens incorporates 9 elements in 6 groups with 2 pieces of Extra-low Dispersion elements & 4 pieces of High Refractive Index elements. This helps reducing aberrations and maintain excellent sharpness even at f/1.2. . Manual focus design and a click-less, silent aperture ring promote smooth handling and are especially well-suited to video applications. The lens is built of metallic enclosure with additional protective processing, which gives extra durability and aesthetic.

Focal Length, 85mm
Max. Aperture, 1.2
Min. Aperture, 16
Aperture Blades, 11
Angle of view, 29 degrees
Format Compatibility, Full-frame
Elements/Groups, 9 elements in 6 groups (2pcs of Extra-low Disperson glasses & 4pcs High refractive index glasses)
Min. Focus Distance, 1 m
Filter Thread, 77mm
Net Weight, 921 g
Mounts, Canon EF / Nikon F / Sony FE / Pentax K / Fujifilm G

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  1. zenon

    Why there isn’t Pentax PK mount version? Will it be available? When?
    Thank You.

  2. Mike Irish

    I am very interested in this lens. The Speedmaster 85 f1.2 lens. Could you let me know if it report focus and f numbers to the camera. I use Nikon cameras D200 D300 D3 and now the D810. I also live in Ireland. Could you give me the cost of the lens and post&package to Ireland in € please.

    • admin

      Hi Mike,
      Since it is a complete manual lens, there is no communication between the lens and the camera. Therefore no focus and f numbers will be should in the camera. However, you can still do metering without a problem as it is controlled by the body and the amount of light goes in. The price is in USD 799 which translates into EURO will be 714. Free shipping is included! THanks!

  3. Vey

    Is there definitly a A-Mount Version comming this or next year ?
    I would love this lens on my Sony A99 !

  4. Simen1

    I would like a Pentax K mount version, please, to go with the upcoming Pentax FF camera. Or maybe a 135mm f/1,4 for Pentax too.

    • admin

      Sorry that PK mount is not available yet for 85/1.2 or 135/1.4. Instead, you may choose to purchase our 135/2.8, 35/2 and 85/2. All are FF compatible with Pentax K mount.

  5. mike

    Pentax mount please!!!!!!!

  6. Guido

    Pentax usr to pse

  7. Sergey

    Hello Mitakon team! Possible a Sony A-Mount version comming in 2016 ?

  8. Michael

    Very annoyed to see you have changed your mind about making this lens available for A-mount. I know the A-mount market is not as big as canikon but think there is a big enough market to make it worth doing. Even charging an extra $50-$100 would be fine to have this lens available. Oh well. Will spend my money with other companies.

  9. Warren

    Can this lens be used on Nikon D7200? If so, how much it is cost for shipping to Niagara Falls, Canada. Thank you.

    • admin

      Yes. It can be used with Nikon D7200. Free Shipping to Canada.

  10. arv

    I’d like to ask, when Pentax K mount will be available? Thanks.

    • admin

      Hi Sir, The Pentax K mount is already available. You may order it via our webstore now.

  11. Filippo

    In all mounts is included a focus confirmation chip? I am interested in Canon EF mount. Thanks

    • admin

      Canon EF mount has a focus confirmation chip.

  12. Juan Carlos

    Sorry, i want to know why this lens shipping it’s free for Canada and Ireland, and I have to pay for shipping to Spain?

    • admin

      Yes its FREE shipping to Canada and Ireland and Spain.

  13. Uwe

    im frommen switzerland and i have your Speedmaster 35mm f/0.95 (II). Great. Can I have this lens also for my fuji X-T10?

    • admin

      Yes. This lens can be used by Fuji XT10 with a simple adapter.

  14. shaktipal

    im from india …..ihave nikon d800 ..
    can i use this lens on it?
    nd can u ship to my address?
    nd any custom problems?

    • admin

      Yes the lens can work with D800. We can ship it to your India address. However it is up to the Indian customs to decide on the duty and we will not take care of it.

  15. Ricsi

    And do nikon F will confirm if a focus point is focused? D5200. APS-C crop.

    • admin

      Yes the manual focus assistant point in the Nikon camera can be used.

  16. LUIS

    How many days will it take to ship to Brazil?
    Thank You!


      It takes around 14-21 days to arrive Brazil. Or you may pay USD 70 for express shipping which takes around 5-10 days.

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